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Castle of Silves

The Castle of Silves is located in the city of Silves, which also houses our Hotel Colina dos Mouros. Its construction began in the XI century, after the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors. Situated on the highest point of Silves, it is the largest castle in the Algarve and the best preserved in Portugal. The beauty and history of this monument makes it a must see.

Cathedral of Silves

One of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the Algarve, the Cathedral of Silves was built in the 13th century, despite being submitted to several restorations over time. The entrance of the church presents a rococo style and its interior features a fusion of several architectural styles, including baroque. This fortress-temple is located next to the Castle of Silves, forming the "perfect pair".

Municipal Museum of Archeology

This museum is set up around a cistern from the Islamic period. In it you can find ceramics, clothes and adornments that help us understand the past. The architecture of this building should also be highlighted due to the work of the architect Varela Gomes, who took used a part of the Moorish wall. History, archeology and architecture lovers will love it.

Old Bridge

Silves’s Old Bridge separates the two banks of the River Arade. In one we find the Hotel Colina dos Mouros, in the other the historical city of Silves. It is a bridge that presents several styles: Roman, Medieval and Medieval Christian. To cross this bridge is to immerse yourself in a world full of history. Let yourself be dazzled.

Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Porches)

Located on a rocky cliff, it was built in the 17th century to protect the beach from the Moorish pirates. Inside you can find a small chapel, which together with the stunning surrounding scenery, makes it a must see.

Fortof São João do Arade (Ferragudo)

This fort, also known as Arade’s Castle, was the main defense of the Arade River Estuary. It is located next to the sea, close to the Angrinha Beach and Praia Grande (beach).

Convent of São José (Lagoa)

Dating back to 1710, the Convent of São José is a place that currently hosts cultural and social events. Take the opportunity to visit an exhibition or to climb the Torre Miradouro.