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A) Terms and conditions of use of the site

1. Ownership and purpose

The site is owned byVilar da Lapa - Administração de Propriedades S.A. , henceforth called Colina Hotels&Resorts, fiscal number 502121866, whose registered offices are located at Rotunda Cruz de Portugal, Edificio Colina 8300-135 Silves, and is intended to be used by customers and anyone interested in the services provided by the enterprises integrated in the chain of hotel establishments in which management Colina Hotels&Resortsintervenes.

2. Usage

The site is available for free to present the chain Colina Hotels, the characteristics of the hotels that integrates the chain, to make reservations or any other type of contact with Colina Hotels&Resorts, henceforth called Colina Hotels&Resorts. Using the site implies that the user accepts the present conditions as well as the obligation not to use any software or applications which may interfere with the normal operation of the site.

3. Contents and availability

All the elements contained in the website and information available are the property of Colina Hotels&Resorts, other companies included in this group or units included in the chain of hotels with Colina Hotels&Resorts management involvement, so that, without such written permission, is not allowed any reproduction, in whole or in part, alteration or use of any content of the site for commercial purposes or otherwise.

Colina Hotels&Resortscannot guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted or free of faults caused by communication problems, needs for maintenance or operation shortfalls which it cannot reasonably control, prevent or of which Colina Hotels&Resortsis unaware.

Colina Hotels&Resortsreserves the right to make changes in any part of the site, without notice, and users should always ensure that they are fully aware of the terms and conditions which are in force at any given time.

4. Links and information from external websites

The site provides access to other websites that are outside the control of the Colina Hotels&Resorts. Any user who accesses other sites via the links provided should ensure that he or she is fully aware of the specific terms and conditions of use stipulated by the respective operators.

In order to provide the user information on the location of the Colina Hotels&Resorts, the site contains information of public external sites that are outside the control ofColina Hotels&Resorts. Colina Hotels&Resorts is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents published or by links, and cannot be held responsible for any errors which may be contained in such information or for any failure to update the said information. Any user wishing to check the accuracy of the information provided by these websites should access them directly.

5. Online Reservations

The site allows online reservations at Colina Hotels&Resorts properties. The user should read carefully the terms and conditions relating to the availability of rooms, rates, prices, payments, cancellation policy and other information supplied during processing, before completing the booking.

When making reservations, the user, with this act, automatically allows Colina Hotels&Resortsto exchange information that you comply with any entities that are part of a system of centralized risk of credit or verification of means of payment.

The reservation made will only be accepted if the payment is guaranteed, in the act of booking, by indicating a credit card issued by a recognized entity, valid for payment of the services that the Colina Hotels&Resortswill provide.

B) Privacy Policy

By developing and enabling the use of the Hotel website, Colina Hotels&Resortswishes to guarantee a quality service for its customers and visitors to the site. Given the manner in which this website operates, no information whatsoever is gathered from the user, other than that which, for technical reasons, is intended to facilitate the use of the site, as described below.

6. Personal information

All your personal information will be used exclusively byColina Hotels&Resortsto implement the reservation request, for marketing statistical analysis and to transmit information about services, promotions and special offers of hotels in which Colina Hotels&Resortsmanagement intervenes.

7. Security

When you are prompted for personal information or credit card information, the communication is made through a SSL secure line, which means that your information will be encrypted and sent over the Internet. You will know you are in safe mode when you see a lock or a key symbol in the lower corner of your screen and the web address begins with "https."

8. Cookies

When you use the website, small text files are created and stored on your computer hard drive. These allow greater ease of access and speed. Information gathered using these files is exclusively for this purpose and will not be disclosed to bodies which do not form part of the Colina Hotels&Resorts.

You may configure your computer browser in order to block these cookies, but doing so may make it more difficult to use the website.

C) Place of jurisdiction

The gathering and keeping of data via the website, as well as the terms and conditions of the use thereof, are governed and interpreted in accordance with portuguese legislation, and both parties shall agree, in the exclusive interest of Colina Hotels&Resorts, to elect Lisbon District Court as the exclusive place of jurisdiction in order to judge and pass verdict on any cases, actions or legal measures which may arise or result from the use of the website.